Monday, March 26, 2012

Wild animals and garage sales

This weekend was up there in the books! It was a different kind of fun but it was awesome! Friday night I ran 6 miles and ate chick fil a. SO exciting I know. The only thing exciting about that night was the fact that I wore my thunder jacket to chick fil a. Whoa now!?!?

Fast forward to Saturday... woke up at 5 am, showered to wake my ass up and then got geared up for a garage sale day. Dad needed our help with the garage sale he decided to have. Talk about a guy garage sale. Nothing was priced and everything was random. I got there and saw that my dad was trying to sell my journal from 9th grade and some old frames with pictures of me from my awkward stage of life in those frames. I panicked when I imagined the sale going down. How much for this journal? My response not for sale, that shit is priceless. Dad's response, oh 2 bucks. 2 bucks for a tell all of my teenage years? Are you kidding? No way jose! I had to snatch that gem up quick before my life was humilated by first kiss information and who the hell knows what else. It was also funny to see that crap my dad had for sale. For example a box of unused but open q-tips and cling wrap. But what is even more impressive is the fact that people bought those very items. I scored a couple of boots glasses because they're freakin' awesome. Who doesn't want to feel really important drinking from a boot. That's the feeling I got anyway. I also ended up finding some unused permanent markers that I jacked. Dad was also trying to sell my golf shoes, what the crap? I pretty much hung out with my neice the entire garage sale, she was just people watching with me.

After the successful garage sale in which I made $1, well I guess 20 if you count the gas money my dad surprised me with at the end of the sale for just showing up, we decided to let my brother Steve cook for us. He's a damn good cook. He's famous for his quesadillas so we all volunteered him to do that for us. He held down the quesadilla making while I made maragaritas for everyone. I tried out a new recipe and there were no complaints and lots of requests to keep those babies coming. I even made Jack a virgin margarita that he loved too. High five on the new recipe! (that was me high fiving myself since I'm setting here alone with no one to high five) All us Ahtone kids set out with our next door neighbor Jim Mackey and reminisced about the good ole days. It was a good night for front yard sitting with my family.

we love animal print

Sunday morning, I got up fairly early and dad made some breakfast. Yum. I love my dad's breakfast. I headed back for home around noon. After talking with W, he decided to ask me to go to GW Exotic Animal Park , how can a girl say no to lions and tigers and bears? Well she can't. I would recommend this place to anyone who likes wild animals. Such a fun time. I'd definitely recommend the tour in which you get to hold the baby animals. Those little guys are so sweet. The price isn't the cheapest but it's worth it knowing that your money is going toward a good cause and the hands on experience is easy to make up for the cost. I got home and napped. A weekend in the sun like mine called for a nap, and then I woke up at 11:30 and here I am. Unable to go back to sleep and typing away... I'm really hoping that after I write this post my eyes will grow heavy and I will be able to get some shut eye.

This little guy was funny, he was laid back!
Watch out Steve Erwin... (r.i.p buddy) 

These wolf hybrids were so sweet

Baby bear

I wanted to take this little guy home with me

Obviously I didn't take the following pictures they had a cd you could buy at the end of your tour, I was all about it! Just too cool to not have the photos!

So pretty!!

Wolf puppies

This guy was scary. They were trying to get him to adapt to being around people. He was a wild one, he was very territorial and so he hated us.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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