Monday, April 2, 2012

15k and Surprising my guy..

To start my weekend off I went and got my ears lowered as my papa would say aka a haircut from the lovely Amber at the mane man. I told her I wanted to have hair like Zooey Deschanel. Long dark wavy locks with a set of bangs, in hopes that she could somehow throw in a set of bright blue contacts as well. No luck on the eye color change, but I was happy with the finished product.

Rockin' the native mini skirt to the dub. The dub, where ndns feel at home ;)

Erik & Sam Bromance est. 1993

The remainder of Friday night was supposed to be spent at the Doobie Brothers concert at Riverwind. Unfortunately, my procrastinator boyfriend waited too long to get the tickets so I ended up just planning on staying in. He may be a procrastinator but he is also a guy who doesn't give up on trying. So he went to Riverwind to see if he'd have any luck in buying tickets. I got a call around 7 saying that a guy sold him two tickets and to meet him at the front entrance. So instead of taking it easy we danced and sang along to all the hits. We ended up sitting right next to my boss and his wife too, so we had a good time. And yes we were the youngest people there, we don't care though, we like the doobs!

Saturday morning came around and I was up and ready to race by 6 am. I ran the Wings to Fly 15k  and I didn't really do that well, but I did feel really good about running it. I definitely got runners high from that race, if anything kept me going it was the kids I was running it for. It's nice to find races that are food a good cause that remind you how good running can feel.W was going to bring his bike to ride by while I ran my 15k, but sadly his tire already had a flat tire from a thorn. He watched me run out of the start line and he was there to see me to my finish. He took a nap in between. There's something so awesome about seeing someone waiting on you to finish strong. If there is anyone remotely close to me when it comes to the finishing steps of my race, I will run my ass off to make them eat my dust, especially if it means impressing W with my non sprinting running skills. There was a girl who was trying to creep up and leave me behind, but my mind & body wouldn't let that happen, thank goodness. After the race, we went over to the runners food area, hello carbs, my body was too tired to eat, so I ended up getting a bagel and W a cheeseburger. I'm still mad at myself for not getting the cupcake to go. Oh well, probably better off without it. Once W and I got back to norman, I took a muscle pain relieving bubblebath and W went  to the bike shop to get his tire fixed. His bicycle cost a pretty penny, but I kind of love the fact that he rides it on the same trails that I run so I feel a little more safe on my runs. I've always loved a running partner but I don't usually have them, so it's nice of him to ride his bicycle while I run.

Pre race, all smiles... I didn't even bother to take a post race picture!

Saturday evening, I decided to surprise my guy with a anniversary gift idea since it seems like the right timing. I don't really know when our anniversary is and you can ready more about that here. I'm really bad at keeping surprises a secret. The idea of surprising someone is so much fun to me but it's so hard for me to accomplish. I generally get so excited about the plan that I give in and tell. But after W surprised me with my edible arrangement last month, I decided it was time for paybacks. I'm sorry but if you can't appreciate an edible arrangement you just ain't livin'. Dark chocolate covered strawberries are pretty close to heaven. Anyway, back to my story, W and I watch The King of Queens every week night before bed. It's our favorite, he says I'm like Carrie, which, unfortunately, it's not the first time I've been told this, but I don't care, I love her.  So not too long ago while W and I were at a Thunder game we were talking about concert season coming up, we both love concert season, and we were talking about who we would like to see and yada yada yada. Somewhere in that conversation, we started talking about comedians. We both agreed that if Kevin James ever came close we would find a way to go see him. Well funny thing about that idea, Ticketmaster emails me a bunch and last week I checked my email and whatdoyaknow there it was before my eyes Kevin James in Dallas on March 31. I immediately purchased the tickets and then followed that purchase with a hotel room purchase close to the venue that he was showing at. W traded his on call shift with a co-worker, and we headed down to Dallas Saturday afternoon. Once we got to Dallas and checked in to the hotel, I decided we needed to find a restaurant, well one of my favorite places in Dallas to eat is Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen , so I decided since W has never eaten there and loves seafood then that would be a good pick. After dinner, we headed back to the hotel and I called a cabby to come get us and take us to the show venue. We were on our way to the Majestic Theatre, it was so pretty in there. I was really set on surprising my guy but I did end up giving in on Saturday morning at 1:00 am while we were hanging out with my brother and Erik.  I don't mean to toot my own horn but damn , I did good! Kevin James and the opening act had us cracking up!  After the show, we decided to go enjoy some live music and drinks with each other. We found a bar downtown that was our style. We drank there the remainder of the night. Then after the bar closed, we decided to walk back to the hotel because it was nice and that is the romantic thing to do. Romantic turned into "where the crap are we" after walking for forever trying to find our hotel. I mean the gps on my phone wasn't the best tourguide in that plan. We were standing right on the dot yet we were a mile from the hotel :(.

Peach Bellini

Handsome Date

Lobster tail yum!!!

If this guy ever comes near  your town, do yourself a favor and go see him, he's hilarious!

Sunday we got up too late for continental breakfast, so we drove around until we found a place to eat. But before we left we had to go get "the best iced coffee in Dallas". My boyfriend is gullible to marketing signs, he did say it tasted good, but I thought it was funny that he wouldn't consider going back to Oklahoma without stopping at the place. We made our way back home, and I didn't drive, my legs were killing me from the race and early morning tour of downtown Dallas, thank goodness. Sunday evening, my friend Brittani sent me a text message saying she was in town, and we had a few drinks and caught up on eachothers business. Love that girl, we had a good time. I got myself into bed by 9:30 only to wake up late this morning and wander into work with pillow indentions on my face.

Silly man

Hope you guys had a great weekend!

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