Saturday, April 28, 2012

Being Silly with Carter

So Thursday night I went over to Misty & Seans to watch Carter. First, so much fun. Second, love that kid. Third, He's awesome! I've been pretty blessed in my babysitting career ;) not that I make it a career, but I've pretty much have been babysitting little kids since I was old enough to do so. Even when we were younger, I would watch my nephews and niece, of course with my mama's supervision. But I've just been around kids for most of my life and I enjoy it.

Anyway, we ate cheese pizza, played outside, read books, colored on the couch coloring book pages, watched Thomas the train and took pictures. Carter loved taking pictures, he just loved me making funny faces and looking at himself in my phone. He was cracking up in all of these pictures, but he kept saying "again, again".

Being silly with Carter

Cracking UP!!! haha

Carter got to meet Luke.Carter was shy at first, but then warmed up and started talking to Luke, while Luke devoured his cheese pizza, seriously, I've never known a kid who could eat three huge pieces, crazy. Luke only got to hang out with us for about an hour, baseball practice ran a little late. Which Luke informed me it's because they are the best team, and good teams practice long hours.

Great night with two of my favorite little guys!

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