Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jack Ahtone ladies & gentlemen

I cannot believe that my nephew Jack will be 14 on Friday. It makes me feel old as crap. Kids seriously grow up quick. Jack is crazy. seriously though, he's a mess pot. he is a very witty guy, he always has been though. he is the baby so he is very set in his ways, i'm kind of like that too though. He is a great cook and i love when he cooks for me. he is pretty handsome, but i don't think he needs a girlfriend anytime soon, look at me being all "protective aunt" about it. And he's also pretty awesome, just don't tell him ;)

i picked him up yesterday to go watch the clippers vs thunder, unfortunately we lost, boo! We talked the entire way there, just about school, glasses and braces, you know 13 year old stuff. we got to the game and he got an ice cream cone and i settled for some popcorn. (that stuff is really salty by the way, just a warning incase you decide to get popcorn at a thunder game) we settled into our seats and ate our goodies. we clapped our paper clappers that they were handing out. (which i'm pretty sure annoyed the crap out of anyone sitting around us)  i took it all in, the experience of hanging out with my nephew. It's kind of bittersweet, we were having such a good time, but on another hand I realized as he gets older he probably won't want to hang out with me as much. Teenagers are hard. I know I was when I was younger, if only I could go back and just be nicer during that time. Not saying I was mean to people all of the time, but i was just all about my friends and not so much about the time with my family. If only I had known that I wouldn't have a mom in a couple of years, I'd do it differently. So I just absorbed the time with my nephew and just focused on hanging out with him. The fact that we can laugh together, and he actually thinks I'm funny. I just enjoyed his company and he enjoyed mine and we had such a good time.

He talked me into taking him to the Thunder store and then was really good at talking me into purchasing $15 dollar NBA socks and $10 stickers. He wasn't successful at talking me into the $159 Thunder basketball shorts, I don't even understand those shorts, what's so special about them? And I also want to meet the person who buys $159 shorts, who does that?

Jack asked me on the way home if I wanted to borrow his glasses to drive at night. (yes it's funny he offered this) So I used his glasses to drive. I dropped his little butt off and was on my way.... fast forward to 15 minutes into my drive and whatdoyaknow? I still have his glasses on. So I had to drive back and put them in his mailbox. I thought it was nice of him to let me borrow them. He can be nice (sometimes)

Dear Jack,

I am really having a hard time with you turning 14. To me, you are still this little guy who would ride his bike beside me while I ran the neighborhood at night time. You are such a good kid and I'm so lucky to have you as a nephew. It's been so fun hanging out with you over the past few years, but stop growing up on me! Thanks for going to the game with me last night and letting me borrow your glasses. I hope you have the best birthday tomorrow.

Aunt Jeri K

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