Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Running Talk

I'm sure you guys are pretty bored with hearing my running stories but I have to record this somewhere and writing about it seems like the "thing" to do right now.

I'm down to twenty five training days left before my first 1/2 marathon. I'm not going to lie to you, after training for my first marathon a couple of years ago, my training schedules have been a little more low key and I've become a "slackxster". I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm probably running more than some people out there in the universe, but for someone who wants to do good in a half marathon, I could use some work.

After my 15k, which was supposed to be a 10k race, I realized I need to take my running a little more seriously if I want to finish strong and be proud of myself when the half race comes around.

In the next 25 days, here is what I'm supposed to do as far as training...

Stretch& Strengthen 5m Run 6m Run Babysit/rest  5m Run 60 min Tempo Run 10.5 Run
Stretch& Strengthen 5m Run 4m Run & Cross     6m Run  Rest  12K Race Cross Train 1 hour
        6m Run 5m Run 4m Run & Cross     5m Run  Rest  75 min Tempo Run 12m Run
Stretch& Strengthen 5m Run 3m Run & Cross   5m Run  Rest  Rest Half Marathon

I also need to buckle down on my diet. I'm going to try to incorporate more protein into my diet for the next 25 days. I'm going to focus on lean meats and go with some juicing recipes for breakfast. I've made a vowel to myself to not smoke any cigarettes for the next 25 days either, this is going to be tough. Not that I smoke on the daily, but if there is any beer drinking going down, I tend to smoke with a brew. So out with the lung cancer and junk food and in with the bananas and protein shakes. This next one is a MUST DO. The last two races that I've had, I've enjoyed beers the night before. I have no idea why. I haven't gone out and gone to bars in the mean time, it just seems like on race weekends lately, there have been other events going on that involve drinking being around so I give in. I'd like to stay away from any alcoholic beverages for the next 25 days, but I know that could be hard. So I'm going to make myself not have any beers the night before the race on the next two races.

Isn't weird that I'm a runner and I drink alcohol and enjoy a smoke? It's cool, I'm only human. Runners like the same things non runners like too.

Wish me luck :)

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