Monday, April 30, 2012

My weekends spoil me sometimes and this weekend was nothing less of perfect. Although, I decided to skip out on the 1/2 that I had been training for months to run, it was still that good. Doing well in a race like a half marathon depends on where your head is, you have to be prepared physically yes but mentally preparing yourself for a race as big as the memorial helps in that department too. I will say I'm so proud of the people I do know who ended up running not only the half but also the full marathon. I know that took a bunch of time as far as training goes and I'm glad you got to experience that type of race, it is such a fulfillment.

Friday night was spent at the Norman Music Festival, I did a lot of people watching and beer sippin' . Another cool thing about not running the memorial race this year was that I actually got to stay up past my bedtime (and boy did I ever) during norman music festival weekend, the last 3 years I have gone to see a band and then went home and rested up.  After the streets started to empty, we decided to all go to friends house to play ping pong. Have I ever expressed my love for ping pong? Because ummm I love it. We used to play it a lot at church. Unfortunately I didn't win... but I came this close everytime. At least the boys I played were scared that I was going to beat them. I only played one guy actually. But then he was my team mate when we played doubles and we were unstoppable. Note to self: find a ping pong table to place in your future home someday.  When I say I love ping pong, I was that girl who wants to stay at a place just because I'm selfish and I'm not worried about what others want to do because I want to play one more game. One more game turned into enough games to continue the ping pongness into the wee hours of the morning. Ping pong was followed by a cab ride to the house and playing frisbee as dawn made it's creepy appearance. Bed time came at 7 am and lasted until noon.

At noon I woke up and immediately was ready to go to the festival of Arts downtown. I woke up W and made him go with me. we are working on things between us by the way. We went and checked out all of the different booths full of artsy things. Functions like this make my pinterest do it yourself projects look pathetic. We got a couple of rings, I'm a sucker for rings. We ate the best shrimp cocktail and had a couple of beers so that we were able to deal with the humidity. W's little sister & boyfriend met up with us, as well as his little brother. We walked around more and checked out a band that was pretty good, think The Black Keys with the younger sounding voice resembling lead singers of The Black Crowes. Not too bad.

The tallest building in Bricktown...notice nothing else is even close.

These kids were seriously having the BEST time ever!

chillin' on the patio

why did you take my paci out of my mouth?

A few hours after, we met up with Chandra & Buzz to make a baby B exchange. Brentli got in the car and was told she was about to have the best freakin' time of her life. Unfortunately, she didn't. :( We did go eat on the Pei Wei patio thought. She was a little cranky during the evening so there was a lot of rocking and singing going down. She stopped fighting her exhaustion and closed her little eyes around 9:30. Then I placed her in her little bed.

Chandra & Buzz got home from the Thunder game and I talked to Chandra about everything til early in the morning. I guess that's what happens when you haven't see your sister in a few weeks.

Sunday morning, I looked at all of the memorial race pics that were being uploaded to facebook and then got up and around. W & I had breakfast with Chandra, Buzz & Brentli. We went to Ihop...shocker? After that we dropped the boys off and we to Kohls and Target with Brentli. We had a little ice cream date at Cold Stone. We came back and watched super troopers. We saide our goodbyes yesterday evening :(. Wish they lived closer.

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