Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Madness

This weekend was quite the stressful yet productive one. I think that's what we women do.. clean, work harder, stay busy, to keep our minds off stressful things. So that is just what I did all weekend. I cleaned the entire house, minus brothers room. It was pretty intense. The strong scent of bleach and overwhelming amount of ickiness can really take it out of ya. After the house was clean, I set and drank wine while reading a book and listening to Gary England talk about the weather. Sunday I went to breakfast with KC at Sunny Side Up in Moore and we chit chatted about pointless little nothings. I went to church at Life Church in Oklahoma City around 1 in the afternoon, it was just what I needed.  After church, I came back home and decided I wanted to trade rooms with Hank. So I moved everything from his while cleaning at the same time. What a mess! Anyway, boys are just messy I've decided! After finishing my cleaning, I decided that I was going to read my new book. LOVE is the word that describes how I feel about this book so far. It's so emotional, I've already cried reading just a few chapters and some are joyful tears and some are sad tears. But it's amazing. Kelle is so good with words and such a great writer. Already I recommend that everyone read it.

Yesterday evening, I met up with Sam & Pnut and they talked about their first Nascar experience and then we made our way out to Yukon to Grady's Pub to watch Jeremy Johnson play. We stayed and watched a couple of hours but I think Sam & I were pretty much ready to go home, however, Pnut probably would've stayed there and danced the night away with Rachel (her name really being Nicole). Got home, slept good, and so far today has been busy at work due to the storms and Lauren and I took our lunches at the same time and caught up at Cool Greens. May be a normal happening that place and that girl ;) always nice to be around good people!

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