Monday, April 23, 2012


I like to start my weekends out with Thursdays... now I know Thursday isn't really a weekend but for me, this day is when the fun is just beginning. Thursdays are my "hangout with Luke" days and they are awesome, because this kid pretty much kicks butt. Went over to Luke's house, we he rode his bike up and down the road while I walked beside him. I watched him climb a tree and attempt hiding from me. He even took me to a big honeysuckle bush where we split the pedals apart and tasted the honey. This brought me back to my childhood, I can remember doing this when I was younger, running up the cul de sac and sneaking into a neighbors yard just to taste flowers. Before the storm came through, I took him to McDonalds to get a happy meal and toy, but who are we kidding? He totally just wanted the toy because I'm pretty sure he had chicken nuggets in the icebox. Oh and his toy is still in my purse as I type. Once we got back to his house, he took a bath and then he got his warm pjs on and then read me his Junie B books. I'm pretty excited about next Thursday though, Misty asked me to watch Carter while she and Sean go to a concert, so I'm pretty excited to hang out with that little guy!

Friday, we were pretty busy at work. Fridays are my Mondays, and we get crap done at the body shop. (as in auto body repair, i get this body shop question of what type of body shop, some think make up, some think hygiene products, some think tattoo & piercing shops, I've heard it all) That evening I was ready to get out of the shop and into my comfys and relax. However, instead I met up with James & Amanda for dinner at Sweet Basil. So good! How have I lived in this area and not made it to that place? Oh, I always go on Sundays when they are closed, that's right! So we drank wine and ate spicy food and caught up on their wedding plans and life! It was nice.

Saturday, I had told W that I would go with him to motorcycle thing. And although, we are on a break (i always think of Ross & Rachel when I say break) i.e. see clip below..

Anyway, back to story, I'm a girl of my word, if I commit to a biker function, I GO to a bike rally... Got to the fundraiser, which was for the OKC Memorial, and it was pretty neat. Definitely didn't get all biker geared out compared to oh um ANYONE at the place, but it was cool. Few different destinations, and the first stop after Margaritaland was the memorial. W had never been, that's crazy to me. So it was neat to see it all and kind of explain my experience and witness other people telling their stories. After the bike thing (rally?) - which we didn't stay for the entire thing, ended up going and hanging with friends after that, I was pretty tired and in bed by 11.

may not have biker boots, but the ladies always compliment me on these!

Sunday was good, laid back, I went and got me some wings from Buffalo Wild Wings in the city, and then I did a little grocery shopping. I ended up watching We Bought a Zoo and crying my little heart out. Got in bed early and I was able to get to work on time this morning! Had lunch with Lauren again this afternoon, patio time at Louies. Patios & Louies get me excited for summer time.

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