Monday, May 14, 2012

I wish I had really great stories to tell you of my weekend along with lots of photos. But... I did really bad with my photo taking... I did have a good weekend! It was a little bit of an emotional rollercoaster as every mothers day weekend has been the last 11 years....

Last week was a really tough week with work. My bosses brother just found out he has cancer. Cancer... i hate that word. And naturally the cancer isn't a good situation at this point. I feel for people when they find out that kind of news and I understand  how a family member really feels when they get this kind of news too. It just hurts my heart. On top of that week, there was mothers day coming Sunday.... Saturday night I had a mini breakdown while boyfriend made me spicy ramen noodles and handed me a snacksize slim jim as I sat on the kitchen floor and brokedown in tears, I knew it was coming, I just didn't know when. I just have these times in my life that I realize are gonna hit me and catch up to me at some point and I try to avoid them which causes me to get a little moody and appear out of it to others, but its just the fact that I have so much on my mind at that. So the breakdown hit me really early Sunday morning. Wills did good though, he sat down beside me on that kitchen floor and we pulled through, together. That side of W wasn't a side I see much of, but it's a good feeling to know I have someone who cares that much. Good guy, lucky me.

Now to the more positive and fun stuff... We painted a bathroom, which took more time than I had originally imagined it would have, but it turned out great. We also got to have dinner and drinks with two of our best friends, Kevin & Amanda. We love them, like a whole bunch. Then we met with Sean, Misty, Travis & Meredith Sunday at a winery off of highway 9. The company was good, the wine... eh. We bought W a bottle of juice/syrup because he likes the sweeter stuff. After that we went to Blu and then The Garage to play a little skee ball. We ended the evening reminiscing on Sean & Mistys porch and watching airplanes fly over us.

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend and made lots of memories with your mommas!

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