Friday, May 18, 2012

oh HI friends

... Let me update you on my life a little. Today is Friday and it feels like Heaven. This week has been ridiculously busy. Been workin' from 7:30-5:45ish each day. Monday I babyBIG KID-sat Luke while Katy & Jesse went to the Thunder game. Then every other night after work I painted the new place. My brother was nice enough to let me come in and get the paint stuff started so that I didn't have to do it after I moved it. (thanks again) But I'm pretty sure I painted from 7-12 am each night. I'm worn out. W helped of course, he's really not the "painting" type, I think he'd just rather me paint or for the wall to paint itself, but at least he's acting like he doesn't mind it, between the huffing and puffing. We only have four BIG walls to paint and then the painting will be finished and I will be able to just move furniture in the right places and do what "we" chicks do when we get a place we want to make a little more homier(sp?) - ya know, buy unnecessary things and try to justify spending the money.

This weekend we are going to our 3rd Dave Matthews concert together. This will be my 4th in the last 4 years, kind of love it. But it's weird, lil C has been to the last three when I went and it will suck not having her there. It's crazy to think that 4 years ago, W was giving me his tshirt because it was raining out and trying  to pose as a nice gentleman because he liked me haha. But it's kind of the first time I had ever thought he might be like able in that way, I hadn't viewed him any differently before that. And now it's like we listen to Dave and reminisce about how we got this whole thing started. I'm pretty sure I may have a little too much fun this weekend due to the lack of fun the last few days. Happy weekend friends!

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