Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pardon me...

.. for not writing too much lately. It's just I've been using any free time to search for a new place to live. If I'm not working, I'm looking for the perfect little nest to live in for the next year and call home. Where I'd really   love to buy right now, it's not time just   yet. But I think by next year it will be time and that gets me all excited. I've only been wanting to find house to purchase for about 3 years now. I just keep telling myself to be patient, and actually I'm doing a pretty good job at it. Every time I wait a little longer I do think back and realize it is really for the best to wait to settle and get into the buying part. Plus I don't do well with stress, mainly because I'm not a stresser so it's weird when I get stressed out, impulse decisions generally follow.

Anyway, so you can blame the lack of blogging on craigslist for now, but whatever you do don't blame it on me ;)

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