Monday, May 7, 2012

Quick Wknd rundown

Thursday night, Luke had a baseball game! It's so fun to watch him play! After his game, we went to McDonald's and then went home and rushed to get a bath and get him in bed!

Friday after work, busssssy day for sure, I had errands to run so I was busy after work. Once I did get settled I talked house stuff with my brother over cold beers. Hank & Pnut came over that night and we just hung out on the patio while listening to good music.

Saturday, cinco de drinko was the plan for the day... we got up, went to the arts fair in Norman, which I got me a little pearl ring, and then the remaining part of the fair was pretty lame. We went to Ted's to have some mexican food and I had a margarita to get the day started out right. That evening I talked W into shaving a mustache for his holiday, and we went to the dugout and watched the Thunder game. Sam, Pnut, KC, Chad, SJ and a few more rando guys I've never met and didn't meet, were gathered around the table. We headed to Republic for the Harris girls birthday party, but by 12:45 they had called last call and there was no Harris girl sighting. :( We ended up going to flips and sitting on the patio, love me some patios. The rest of the night was spent playing foosball and listening to music.

Sweet cat bowl right lil C? haha.

Greasin' up the foosball table...intense stuff.

The mustache began to get creepy the later it got..

Sunday, we went on a bike ride, got a snowcone, did some Target shopping and then I ate my last dessert until my birthday, which is in 22 days, crazy 27, oh boy. I'm still trying to decide what I want to do for the big 2-7 but I'm pretty set on skydiving!

mmmmmm margarita & salt

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