Saturday, May 12, 2012

so much to do....

my list of things to do lately is a little overwhelming. yet, i find myself sitting on my porch enjoying a glass of tea and typing at this computer.

What i have done today is:
Watched the Justin Beiber movie (i know)
Purchased paint materials
Looked at rugs online
Looked at laundry baskets online (seriously?)
Gone over in my head what i need to be doing...

This is not looking like it is going to be a productive day so far.. I'm going to blame the lack of sleep this past week, the gloomy weather and being hungry.

I'm going to make myself get up and do something with my life. I figured if i wrote down how unproductive i am and then read it that it would somehow motivate me to do something with my life... so here goes nothing... Project paint bathroom is in full effect now... adios carlos.

To all my friends reading this, I hope you have accomplished more than me today, and if you have, be proud of yourself and know you've already beat me in being awesome today ;)

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