Monday, May 21, 2012

Loved my weekend...

We had such a GOOD weekend, and it was much needed. Last week we worked our butts off so the celebrating of having the weekend off was good to us. Friday night we headed down to the lake and got there around 9:15, we made it in time to watch the game and enjoy some porch time with pnut. Pnut, W and I walked up to the garden and watched the rest of the game. Pnut attempted to karaoke Big Shot with out Sam and lyrics... it was entertaining.

Saturday morning, we got up and had community center breakfast with the rest of the Fernandez crew. We loaded everyone up by 2 and we were headed to Dallas to go to the Dave concert. We tailgated once we were there and played bags where Alana & Bobby were unbeatable. The concert started around 8 and the rest is history.... history with a many text message updates on the Thunder game, followed by a little drama which I'm happy to say I didn't let myself get involved in, and 2 am pizza eating.

when life gives you lemons, make lemonade... in other words when there is no porta potty, make your own.

We stayed at The Omni Hotel , so Sunday morning afternoon when we all woke up, we made our way to the pool and got talked into mimosas, bloody marys and pina coladas, all of which hit the spot. The spot being the little aching in our heads from the night before. We went to eat at Cafe Brazil  and made a quick stop to listen to some live music. It was a small biker bar called Reno's Chop Shop that played classic rock and had cool things to look at. We headed back North after that, with a few more stops here & there, finally landed back in our hometown around 8ish. Once we were back there, I begged W to drive because I hate the drive home, it's never fun. We headed home after I ran by my dads house and made W stop and get me a mini cheese pizza, (so what I'm 5) and then we went straight to bed. 

This week we will be doing more work to the new casa and trying to get things done so I'll be all moved in as much as possible by June 1. Yay!!

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