Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Today I'm twenty seven...

uh hem... I'm just 27

oh i'm 20 plus 7



what i plan on doing today to celebrate is
have wine (perhaps 27 glasses...yeah right, i don't intend on dying on my birthday)
have dinner
hopefully see some of my friends, but is Tuesday and we all work...meh adult life haha
and the BEST part

EAT CAKE because i have a darn good reason to do it!

This past year has been a pretty laid back one, however, there were some pretty exciting things that happened...

My sister had baby B and I'm so in love with that little girl

I got to hang out with both brothers and my sister at the SAME time... this doesn't happen ever

Finally  decided to settle into a house rather then gypsy my life around like i have the last 2 years

I got to hold a baby tiger cub, and I've always wanted to do that

Fell more in love with my job because it really is rewarding to work for great people

One of my best friends got engaged and is having a little one in August, so excited for KC & Chad

(as well as other friends of ours are now engaged to be married and have gotten married, Brad & Siri, James & Amanda, Alec & Elizabeth, Travis & Meredith - so happy for them all)

Went to my first biker rally and rode on the back of the motorcycle too far all the way to Arkansas... talk about sore booty

I got to visit C in Chicago

I grew closer to W and finally let my guard down a  little and he let his down too and we connected on a different level then we had ever before and i love that man

- obviously I'm a very lucky girl and I thank the good lord above for letting me have a great year of being 26

Here's to a new and already changing and exciting year, it's gonna be a good one!

First things first i HAVE got to plan me a vacation before i go crazy :) kevo, amanda?!?! letz go :)

p.s. dear reader friends, I'm almost finished moving in and i will soon return as the regular nerdy   blogger that i am! hang in there toots ;)

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