Monday, May 28, 2012

What a couple of weeks it's been...

As you have read, I am in the process of relocating... yes it's only 9 miles away from where I have been currently having daily slumber parties with Mr. W, but still, it's a move. Before these last few weeks I just had multiple pairs of running shorts, shampoos & conditioners along with comfy blankets and my great company at his home. Welllllllll, let's just say moving sucks so much ass! I don't know if I said this part yet, but I'm officially moving in with the boyfriend. (eel!) This is the first time, since the last time, I've committed to something as big as this. The last time didn't work out so well, I won't bore you with the ridiculous details of that situation, but this is a BIG deal. Ask my fams, friends or just anyone who knows me. I'm not good at this kind of stuff. I'm all about MY area, my freedom, basically just me me me. So to let someone roll in and be my roomie/lovey isn't just a tiny detail in the life of me. Excited? yes. Nervous? yes. Do I think I may even go a little insane? YESSSS.

You may not think I'm that  girl, who likes to be super organized with everything that I own all in it's own little place... but turns out, the older I get, the more I realize I'm that freakin' girl.  i.e. I like to pack all hair, bath & body products in one tub. However, boyfriend doesn't. He'll do an alarm clock, a couple of bath towels, some drinking cups, a few screwdrivers and then throw in a little aftershave all in the same box, and there is no label on that box with the perfectly functioning permanent marker I purchased just  for our move. Guess what? It grinds my gears. grrr... (insert grinding noise if grrrr didn't give you the effect I was hoping) So what we've had some issues on what will go here and what WILL NOT go there... I figure this is pretty normal. Right? But it's just been so dang long since I've had a big move and my need to have everything completely organized has caused me to stress a little bit, so cut me some slack here. It's not like I'm moving in with another girl who likes the same things as me, you know us girls, we like our houses to be all homey... Neverless, we are really excited about our house together and it's exciting seeing someone wanting to commit to living with me. He talked me into it folks, we're testing the living waters and we are ready.... well almost, we still have to move the BIG furniture and get this boy out of his current home!

We are excited to show you what we have done with the new place and share with you our own little d.i.y. projects we come up with...don't kid yourself, we are on a budget here.

Happy Memorial Day, I am so thankful for all of our soldiers who have fought for us to live so freely. You guys are all SO brave!

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