Monday, June 18, 2012

Beautiful colors, sweet baby niece and waterpark fun

Oh it's so nice to be all moved in. W & I can get back to having our lives back. We missed our adventure time. We are the type of people who like to make the most of our weekends. We like to get out and see what the OKC area has to offer. This weekend was nothing short of amazing.

To start things off, we met my sister, her husband and baby Brentli at the train depot downtown to pick them up and spend some time with them. We made our way over to see Sam's new apartment and have pizza from Pizza Shuttle. The Ahtone's love some pizza shuttle. The girls hung out in one room and the boys in the other. We got to bed around 12 a.m.

Hello Kitty pj's :)

W & I got to spend the day with Brentli on Saturday. We took her to the Myriad Gardens and to a blues music festival in bricktown. Baby B likes blues music. We set in the shade for a couple of hours listening to music and eating green beans. W took us to dinner at Chelino's (one of my faves) where I had half of a margarita and performed the fastest diaper change I'm pretty sure. We got a phone call as we were leaving the restaurant and rushed to W's truck. We ran to the truck because we were trying to get baby B in the shade so her little cheeks and indian nose didn't get sun burned. Momma forgot to pack sunblock, and aunt Jeri Kaye realized after it was almost too late.

Meet Sophie the Giraffe, Brentli's new best friend

Brentli & I loved all of the colors at the Myriad Gardens

Got B some glittery boat shoes

'cause when life gives you lemons, make lemonade... we had to make this little dress resourceful and give baby some shade!

We made it home just in time to get our cable turned on. W made his way to James & Amanda's engagment crawfish boil, while B and I stayed home and watched "Keeping up with the Kardashians". - no but she seriously watched it, and Jerseylicious!! She must have been getting pretty comfortable in that new bed I got her, because she fell asleep quick.

Sunday morning, W & I got up and fed babygirl and then went to Target. We got stuff for the Father's Day cookout planned for the evening. We dropped Brentli off with Momma and we got the ice chest packed full of sandwiches, capri suns and snacks and we made our way to White Water. We met Bobby, Alana, Pnut, David Jr. and DJ there. We ordered a couple of beers and went down water slides, relaxed in the lazy river and got our very first sun filled experience of the summer. After the water park, we all headed back to the house for dinner. We drank beers and watched the Thunder play. Dad didn't make it to the cookout :/  but the cookout still went on... and it lasted longer than expected.

The last time I wore these sunglasses, that's what you get for saving lives...

hey boy heyyyy. He's easy on the eyes.

Today has been pretty good for a Monday, sister & Brentli picked me up for lunch and we had Louies. I'm ready to get home, cook some dinner and visit with my niece and sister some more.

Happy Monday!

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