Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Venting on friendships today...

I have a friend who was a little bit of a meany today. In most situations, they have been able to talk to me and tell me things and I feel like if they need me, I try my hardest to be there for them and stay positive and hear them out on certain situations they are dealing with. I just try to understand where they are coming from as much as I can and give them the advice that I can share, even if it isn't the best. But today I found myself in a situation today that I wasn't really excited about. I tried talking to mentioned friend about how I felt on a specific subject and instead of trying to understand where I was coming from it seemed like they were trying to make me feel like I was out of line.

I guess everyone is different, but on this topic it would have been cool to be able to share the situation with this person and actually feel like they could let their guard down and admit that they can see eye to eye with me on something. Thing is I know they know that I'm not out of line for saying that the situation bothered me. I really believe that deep down this person can see where I am coming from but instead it was just the way that they chose to approach the situation. Instead of trying to hear me out and better the situation, the person went in defense mode instead, it sucks when that happens. I hate arguing. I will if I need to, but this time I just stated my point again and didn't really get much of the best friend understanding reply, it was more of a scolding you for thinking that way reply.

Sometimes I feel like when it comes to friends that we should think about the others situation and feelings and try to really view things from the other person's standpoint. Part of the beauty in being friends with someone is that we can be honest and call each other out when we do think they are truly in the wrong on something, but there is also beauty in knowing that when you share your feelings about something that you really feel is important that a friend can look at the situation and be there for you the way you need them to be. Sometimes seeing eye to eye is not always the case, but understanding that a person has feelings about something and makes it a point to share their feelings, I think it's important to at least attempt to be nice rather than making you feel like sharing something with them was a mistake.


rough morning... but it's quittin' time and more importantly THUNDER UP BABY :)

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