Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Busy Bumble bee

Hi friends. Still currently busy trying to get the new house ready for visiting hours and open for business. Work tends to chime in and interrupt this goal of having a completely liveable home yet though. Since I didn't do anything for my birthday (insert wahh wahhh sound) this weekend I just wanted to be with around a couple of our good friends to get a breath of fresh smoke filled air at our local favorite place called Louie's Too on campus corner. We first met up with Eric & Michele at Chuy's . After I had a couple of much needed peach margaritas, we made our way over to meet up with Kevo & Amanda. We talked & laughed all night, I seriously was just happy to not be slaving away in the hot garage.

Because taking pictures of Eric is funny..

Because taking pictures of Eric with a phone on his shoulder and him not knowing it is funnier.

The house is at least a point where we can sit down in the living room, kitchen & patio without having to go through a maze full of boxes. We do have several fun & new little projects that we have used as an alternate to expensive home decor. (pictures will be up on this blog at some point)The bedroom is coming along, but don't even get me started on the closets. What a mess.

On top of all of this moving stuff, I've got big girl stuff to take care of. This weekend is KC's baby shower yay! I'm really excited about seeing all the girls and celebrating to get us all ready for baby Sutton to be here. I'm also excited about eating cake :)

After this week, I intend on getting back in the swing of the ordinary jk life and get my fitness back in tact and blogging back in reading condition. Oh yeah, Amanda, Paris & I are doing the Color Run in OKC in a couple of weeks, I should def try to do some running in the mean time!

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