Wednesday, June 6, 2012

homey homes...

I finally thought I'd share a few pictures of the casa. Mi casa es su casa.

These are a few of the before pics I took...

gross carpets that were all shampooed and cleaned before all of the stuff was moved in

guest bathroom before

living room before paint

living room before paint

master bedroom before


New living room

Living room.. yes i have a tv it's just temporarily in the bedroom

A diy project made from a $8 piece of fabric, spray can elmer's glue adhesive & poster board with a frame I had.

Dining area...I promise it isn't as green as it looks... well it's green


Guest bedroom

Guest bathroom

guest bath

Master bedroom

Master bedroom

Master bathroom


In between all of this hrd work, I drank beers on the porch

and W slept...

oh and

he left cabinet doors as well as all door open on everything... pet peeeeeeve!

no but really... he did do a diy project for me, and I LOVE them... my kitchen is all decked out in wine crap because well i like wine, so why not put it all to good use right?!?!

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  1. you and W are amazing. Also, I LOVE the hand towels in the guest bath.