Thursday, June 28, 2012

lucky me

I'm such a pain in the ass sometimes... W just got back from Vegas and where I was bugging him the entire time before he left to mow the lawn, and then telling him almost every day about how our yard was the longest in the hood, that I had a lawncare business card posted up on our doorbell, and I had two 12 yr olds asking me to pay them to mow the lawn, what does he do? He's a good boyfriend and the day he gets back he waste no time and mows the lawn, weedeats, and blows all the grass off of the sidewalks! But what do I do? I beg him to just mow the front yard and to leave the back yard for Thursday. Never can satisfy me haha. I just missed him so much. And then after he gets done mowing and he eats dinner, he looks at me and says "what's wrong with you?"... I say "I'm bored"... him "well, what do you want to do?"... me, "night cruise on the motorcycle?"... of course he says "alright, let me rinse off in the shower and we'll go!" We ride over to Mooney's have a couple of beers on their patio, people watch because it's biker night and we had no clue, play a game of foosball against eachother, and then plan on stopping by the firework stand to get sparklers because I insist....

I know we aren't the perfect couple, and we have our issues like every other couple, but to me, last night was pretty damn close to perfect. It's little things like this that remind me of how lucky I really am, and how much the boyfriend actually likes me because I can be a brat at times (- ok a lot of times, what do you expect? I'm the baby, I've always been this way!), and want things my way... But man am I sure glad he's home, I missed that guy.

yes, this is me in true form when i ride on the back of W's bike, tough acting nerd that listens to the ipod the entire time... #1 song, bad to the bone

Windblown hair, no make up, and yet with this arm candy, he can make me look not so bad

As soon as we get home, he whips out my surprise from vegas, a scrimshaw necklace, although we do not condone any type of animal cruelty, other than that one time i fed a fish a rock at the zoo because i was 5 and my stepdad wouldn't give me $.25 to buy fish food, the necklace is pretty sweet!

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