Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday night's alright

What a productive day I had (if any of my homeboys are reading this STOP now, you will find it incredibly boring, but ladies, I know you'll be able to understand where I'm coming from)

I slept in until 1 pm, which is so out of character for me, it's not even funny. But I'll blame that out of character sleep in on my brother and Erik and the hangover I had to avoid all day. I got up and drank my water and took my ibuprofen and then watched all housewives episodes I missed, as well as mobwives (all those bitches are crazy) while getting ALL of my laundry done. Im pretty sure I had a good 6 loads to get done. Then after catching up on that, around 4:30 I decided to get the grocery shopping done. -remind me never to go to any grocery store on a Saturday around 5... I thought for sure 5 would be the prime time to go, I mean don't most weekenders have plans with kids funtions, adult cookouts and starting the mid evening cocktail drinking?!? Well NO apparently not.. I did do good with avoiding Wal Mart, W loves going grocery shopping there but I despise it, so when in Rome ;) I got the groceries from Crest Foods Market, I love that place. "$175 later... And what the heck did I even get" later I put oil in my car (first time for everything) yes I'm 27 and have failed to do it once in my life, it sure was a task finding that little opening mechanism underneath my hood though..and YES I work at an auto body shop, so what, the guys don't make me do the work in the back so it all makes perfect sense to me. I watered the plants, which I was sure I was going to forget. Made a target run tonight too. (it's not really the ideal place to go on Saturday evening either by the way) got home cleaned up the house and now I'm sitting here patting myself on the back by eating cheese cubes and having a glass of wine on the patio. Mmmm

Got a text msg a few minutes ago from that boyfriend of mine... Sure miss him! But then again I got so much done without him today, I can't imagine what I can accomplish tomorrow ;)

I will write later about how Friday night went, it was funnnnnn, but it deserves it's own blog post :)

Happy weekend !!!

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