Thursday, June 14, 2012

Upcoming events...

I'm really looking forward to the next few months! Since I'm all settled in the new house it's finally back to the routine life and a little fun here and there. This weekend my niece Brentli might come up and I hopefully get to babysit while Mommy & Daddy spend time celebrating their anniversary. Since they "might" be coming up (reeeeally hoping that this is the case) I made a Target run, which I'm pretty sure was originally for ingredients to make queso for the guys when the Thunder game is on tomorrow... welllllll 2 hours later I walked out of Target with 4 new outfits, a pair of sandals, a headband for baby B, and some decorative porch lights for the brother. Funny how that works... I didn't even end up getting queso, so I guess the boys will have to fend for themselves ;) In high hopes that Brentli will get to spend some time with W & I, we are planning a fun time for her. We are wanting to check out bricktown, go to the Myriad Gardens, maybe have a little picnic, walk around and hear a little live music, just spend some time enjoying that sweet little girl.

Up next, we are hoping to make an appearance at a crawfish broil to celebrate a couple we are friends with getting married in July. We are so happy for them and are excited to spend some time with friends we haven't seen in a while.

W is going to Vegas next weekend for a bachelor party so I'll probably enjoy, pamper, go shopping for won't know what to do with myself all weekend. Vegas misses him so he'll probably have to go all out and be a little cwazy, but he better bring me back a damn good surprise.

I'm really happy about being settled into my house also because I can start focusing more on my health and fitness! - I know, who gets excited about that? ... well ME. I've had to shift my focus since moving all into the house and being busy with baby shower planning. Since that was neglected, the wearing of normal sized clothes was neglected...which means I am now in the position to start neglecting the fast food, the tootsie rolls in the candy bowl at work, and the walking and pick up the speed and start running.

Unfortunately, since the move, my body is no longer used to the routine bedtime. Where I used to fall asleep no later then 10:30, I'm now finally dozing off around 2 am. Let me tell ya, the body & mind is hard to wake up at 6:45. My goal is to get diet, fitness and sleep routines all back in check starting next week.

W & I are also in the process of planning our very first "just us" mini vacay. Nothing is set in stone yet, but the excitement of planning is so much fun, the possibilities are endless... Once we have a for sure plan, I'll definitely let you guys know !

Hope lots of exciting events are happening for everyone else too!

oh and ummm....
Thunder up friends!

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