Friday, July 20, 2012

Alana Donna turns 23

Don't you just love birthday parties? One of my most favorite things about birthdays is getting all of your friends together and having a few cocktails. Some of your friends know each other some of them don't but there seems to never be drama at a birthday party because the focus is on the birthday girl/boy. Bobby, Alana's boyfriend, decided to throw Alana a birthday celebration last night. (he's seriously the sweetest person) We decided to set the dinner & cocktail arrangements for 8:30 at Bolero . What a great place! They only do tapas (which I found out are appetizers) and drinks, which happens to be my favorite thing in the world. We had a group of about 16 and we had such a good time! She was surprised(ish), she knew Bob was up to something but all in all the birthday girl had a great time celebrating with all her favorite friendly friends! She and Bobby are moving this weekend to St. Louis and we will be heading out in a month to see them along with Travis Green one of most favorite friends...


Nose twin... me and this chick have the SAME noses! haha

Favorite picture of the birthday girl!

If you want to start the weekend off right, you could probably have a drinking game and take a drink for everytime I wrote the word favorite in post. Guess it's my favorite word of my favorite day of the week, Thank God it's Favorite Friday... ok shit Jeri stop :) Have a fab weekend!

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