Thursday, July 5, 2012

Freedom Riding all over the place

Tuesday night, we had Kevin, Amanda, Courtny & Trav over for cocktails and fireworks   driving around in search for the correct park to watch fireworks at. We rode the motorcycles to (you guessed it) the wrong park and then came back to the house to have a few more cocktails. We all decided to go to Dan McGuinness just to get out. We had a few in & outters, Sam & Erik stopped by, some polish guy named Caesar and Courtny's roomie Faith. Courtny, Trav, W & I ended the night singing too loud and dancing out in the yard to Sublime.

I made a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches Tuesday night too!

Boyfriend apparently thought it was Ash Wednesday... actually I looked over and he didn't have a clue that he looked like this. Too funny!

Wednesday, Courtny & I were starving and didn't want to wait on the boys, so we ended up going back to Dan McGuiness and grubbin' on some hangover food. I talked the waitress into bringing me a summer cocktail and 2 pina coladas, 1 strawberry vodka/sprite and 1 shot later, W & Trav had shown up to eat some lunch and talk us into riding over to an art in the park event in Moore. Well that turned into swinging by Mooney's, cruisin' to MaMa & Tom's house for dinner, heading over to Erik's for an early evening cocktail and making our way out to catch the fireworks show at Riverwind. After the firework show, we danced to the band that Riverwind had playing at one of the bars until the traffic cleared out. We made one more stop back by Mooney's and then back by Dan McGuiness and ended the night in the neighborhood street shooting off 2 fireworks before we decided that wasn't the brightest idea. Our 4th was planned much more differently than it actually happened but we had a great time!

New phones that we had to have

Silly one

My sister sent me some pics of Brentli..
Sassy with her little Heelarious heels.

Lovin' the fireworks!

Erik had to use a phone, so I let him borrow mine

Trav ending the night like a champ, Courtny worried for his life haha.

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