Thursday, July 12, 2012

A little Stoney on a Wednesday night

... is the way I'd like to spend EVERY Wednesday night. Stoney Larue is so hot wait no he is  hot, but the man is talented. I like that I really paid nada lotta and got a good show. I was telling lil C earlier that I always hate when I pay $70 for a concert ticket and I don't get the show I'd been hoping for. But a free  show that is really good pretty much makes my day month life! 

We met up with Sean & Misty and Greg around 8:15ish and then watched from almost front and center. This was W's first red dirt concert experience with me so that was fun. I think he can finally understand my love for it and my love for Stoney Larue (oops!)  W actually wanted to stay longer than I did but it was getting late and I knew it was almost over. Of course he closed with Oklahoma Breakdown so we just sang along as we walked away. I also got a cute t-shirt, holla!

If you don't know who Stoney Larue is watch this.

Sometimes we wear the same things, but both of us are too stubborn to change after we realize it... so we are that  matching couple, but I swear to you it's not always on purpose... in fact I think it's been once where I made him and we planned to both wear black v-necks... good story right?!?!

Been there, done that & got the tshirt to prove it!

- also if you are wondering how i get my super high quality photos, i use a Nikon D5100 16.2 mega pixel camera... pshhhh yeah right, I get it, I need an actual camera, but my iPhone is much more convenient!

Today, I've already had lunch with KC & Lauren and it was so much fun! KC is so ready to have baby Sutton and Lauren is getting ready to go on a 2 week mission trip! Exciting things happenin' around these parts :) Happy Thursday lovers!

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