Monday, July 30, 2012

Love is in the air

This weekend was full of great memories. Friday night I got off of work a little later so I wasn't able to make James & Amanda's rehearsal dinner. Between dogsitting, showering and rushing, there was just not enough time :( . I did meet up with everyone later that evening to catch up and hang out for a little bit. That was a lot of fun. I love hanging out with all of those people, just good people.

Green eyed dog :)

New cute dress

Me and the groomy the night before

Saturday, I laid around and played with the dogs, there were three of them. Chloe, Mattie & Bentley, all with different personalities but very fun to hang out with over the weekend.

I took W back to the Colcord to get pictures taken, once again, rushing around like crazy, it's what we are good at. I then went and got ready as fast as possible, jumped in the car with my wedding date since my real date was in the wedding, and we made it to the church with 10 minutes to spare. The wedding was beautiful. The bride was gorgeous, the groom looking great but my eyes kept getting sidetracked to the second guy to the right in the bow tie and tuxedo. Not a look I've seen on my boyfriend before, but dammmmmn, I can't complain.

These little penguin/snowmen were in front of the cheese church

First Dance

The bride was busy, I was waiting in line at this point but never got a picture with her :(

Babertz & the groom

Love him

The reception followed where we didn't dance the night away, but sipped on good wine and laughed with some of our wonderful friends. We went to the Skirvin for more wine after the wedding for a minute and then I did more dog cuddling.

Sunday, we recovered. Thank Jesus for recovering moments that involve book reading and having the one you love by your side. We ended up getting caught up in the show Undercover Boss and cried like babies, that show is so good, but we then decided to change the channel haha. We had such a great weekend and we are so happy that James & Amanda are starting a new chapter in their lives. Next up we have Alec & Elizabeth's wedding, then KC & Chad's... and then ours... lol kidding!

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