Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Movies & Last minute pub crawls

.. This weekend goes down in the books as one of the favorites. I don't know where to begin, it was just full of random. Not that Friday is that random for most people, however,  it was for me. W & I NEVER  go to the movies, he decided it would be a good idea. Which I always jump on top of since we never go. First we had dinner & the house merlot at Hollie's , survey says they have good pork chops! After, we made our way over to Warren Theatre to watch Savages . I think I would like that movie ok if I didn't have such a weak stomach, and it was more like Blow . With that said, I had to walk out on the last 20 minutes because I was gagging and like I said above, I liked my pork chops! Got in bed early (as in 1 a.m.) and woke up rushing around Saturday morning. Paris & I had signed up for the Color Me Rad  5k, but since I watched a movie the night before, my phone was on silent still so I woke up at 8:15 and sprung to my feet to get ready. My p.i.c. rushed around with me. While we were running and getting colored, W went to the gun show at the fair grounds. Paris & I had a lot of fun doing it, love that girl!

Wine love

Nachos the size of a medium pizza! Huge!

Raybans & drinks

Sam waiting on his gf Faith to show up

This gorgeous lady picked up Sam...

Turns out you shouldn't play the quiet game at the bar with 3 broke (tight) guys, you'll end up buying the shots no doubt about that!

Kasie our awesome waitress at Louies

At Brothers

Senior pics

Sam throwing his sandal at his old frat house for not being fun anymore...

This is where the story gets a little off beat and random. W called up Sam to see if they (as in him and Pnut) were hungry and we all decided that we would go to La Luna. (which doesn't exist anymore) What we thought was La Luna was another place called Chimy's and it's good. They have some very appealing cocktail prices... like for real, $3 for double well drinks, that's if you aren't too much of a cocktail snob and would rather pay extra dollars for the non well part of the drink. What I'm getting to here is that we aren't cocktail snobs. What was expected to be a lunch and pool day turned into a declared July 14th pubcrawl between the 4 of us, since it was not planned we were unable to get tshirts, but you can bet your butt that we will have them next year, so mark your calendars (in permanent marker) for next year! We went from Chimy's to Louies too, to Joes to Brothers and ended the night with Erik, Michelle, Alana, Bobby, Bryan, Trish and Hank all coming over for cocktails, crazy conversation and music on the back porch.

so excited in my spandex (at first)

Warning sign right before you enter the trails, which was when I started feeling anxiety haha.

Sunday we got up and cleaned the house a tiny bit and then had lunch with Bobby & Alana at Genghis Grill. That evening we went to Lake Draper to ride our bicycles on the trails. Let's just say it may  not be my favorite thing to do. I felt extremely claustrophobic on the skinny wooded (criminal mind scene looking) trails. I got through a small part of the area and had the worst anxiety, so W told me we could load up and go home. I wanna try it again thought, I think I was just overwhelmed because I suck at balancing, it was really hot, lots of bumps and I just have really bad claustrophobia. (which explains while I'm not really a hugger) I can definitely understand why people enjoy it but it's just a matter of me getting used to it.  I've ran trails before but these trails were different, way skinnier than the ones I've run. We have road biked tons before with no problems or complaints from me, but W said that he looked at me at one point while we were on the trails and said he thought I was going to cry. haha wuss! Greg came over Sunday evening and brought Dagger who we will be dogsitting for a couple of weeks!

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