Monday, July 23, 2012

Nieces & Nephews make my world go round

Friday night, I hopped into my beloved Pontiac g6 (hey it gets me around, therefore i love it) and headed South on 35. I picked Sadie & Morgan up in Sulphur and we made our way back to Moore asap. We had fun to be having. We grabbed a pepperoni pizza and drank sodas on the back porch. We headed over to Andy Alligators for some fun. Can I just state the obvious after my visit?.. (-yes) Texoma Fun Park was way better in my opinion, regardless we had a lot of fun.

Morgan aka spider(wo)man

I was too scared to drive the go carts... so I was W's passenger

This frog flopper was flopping me all over the place, it was hilarious!

Saturday morning I got up early(ish) and made the girls breakfast. After that we headed to get a little spa action by getting our mani-pedis at Divine Nails. Not a bad place, all the people were so helpful and fast! Morgan had to go to forever 21, so we headed over to do a little shopping at Sooner mall. I ended up letting Sadie get her ears pierced. I posed as her guardian, technically I was, for the weekend. After shopping, we hooked up with W, and got in touch with Jack & Hank who we met at Dave & Busters.  We played tons of games and then after we ate dinner at Taco Bell.

Sunday, we lounged around and then headed to Bricktown for lunch. The girls wanted italian so we opted to go to Spaghetti Warehouse, man was it good. We walked around in the 100 degree weather before finally getting back in the air conditioned car to head back to Moore. We loaded up the car around 4 and I met Morgan's Mom in Davis. We were all sad that our fun weekend was over, but all good things must come to an end ;) 

Pretty girl... magician did a trick and then made them both balloon hats

Playing checkers while waiting on me to pick out candy at the candy shop

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  1. So fun! I love activities like this. I SO would have been your wing-woman. Also, can I just say I find it hilarious that you posed as someone's guardian... Can you be my guardian?