Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sweet Summer Time

There is a pro that comes with no air conditioning in your home and a sweet & thoughtful boyfriend.

That pro is late night sonic ice cream, looking up to a sky full of twinkling stars and camping in the backyard. That's what we ended up doing last night. It was a cool 86 degrees, and we even woke up stealing the blanket from each other. There's something about waking up naturally to small rays of sunlight and fresh air. I will say that I'm shocked that I woke up with zero mosquito bites and no allergy issues. Thank goodness I have a guy who knows how to make the best out of the bad things. Love him lots lots much lots.

I look like the joker in batman in this picture to me haha. All of these pics are kind of crappy, but hey who cares, it's hard to take pictures in the night time :)

now hopefully the air conditioning guy will come by this afternoon, because I have a feeling there will be nothing cute about camping in the backyard again tonight.

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