Monday, July 9, 2012

Sweet Summertime

What a fun little weekend! We loaded up the truck motorcycle and rode down to the lake. It was actually my idea of a good time, until we got to Wynnewood, Oklahoma and I had to ask W to stop on the side of the road to stand up and stretch. We got back on and puttered our way to Oakland grocery to get gas! Once we got gas and made it to Kingston, we stopped by Dr. Phil's to say hello and get a small bite to eat. They always have really good food over there :) and they seriously are some of the nicest and funnest people ever. There's always a different group of people around our age that we hang out with so it's always a fun time. We had a good time at the beer garden both nights that we were there. We spent Saturday at the lake until about 3:30, the water was a little choppy and it sprinkled a little while we were playing horseshoes so we headed in earlier than normal. Saturday evening, we cooked out at Phil's again and then met up with my sister, Dad, Buzz & Brentli, to watch the fireworks at the lodge. Sunday morning(ish) we had lunch at the marina, hopped on the bike, stopped at a few places on the way home and got in last night after a full day of cruising.

Waiting on the front porch, realizing it's not the best idea to take the motorcycle, but too late

Mouth closed = no bug guts

Pretty girls

Cute Couple

Love this boy

Faith & JK

We played a few intense games of croquet with Carter, Ryan & Dr. Phil, I never won...shocker!

Henry the french bulldog... on our "to get" list, such a cool dog!

Red light special?

Watchin' with baby B

Love my sister & dad
even though, he always has his eyes shut!

Bk passed out from all the action

Someone decided to bring their leftovers to the bar, Christina was on top of the free snacks!

Bday Girl!

We love her SO much

Take me for a ride uncle Wills

oh hey girl hey

Brentli's coral indian jewelry along with my stolen coral hair tye

Beautiful Oklahoma

Pit stop to walk around the park in Sulphur

and wash our face?!?

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