Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The ugly, the bad and the good

I figured I'd try to do it in opposite order so that it has a happy ending.

Ugly.. waking up with sweat beads on your forehead, and not being able to do the beginning cuddle with the boyfriend when i'm trying to fall asleep, because we can't touch eachother because it's too hot. (i call it the the beginning cuddle  because we don't cuddle, it's more of me telling him to put his arm around me and then him taking it off and turning over within 5 minutes... I try my hardest to fall asleep in these 5 minutes)

Bad... our air conditioner went out last night at 9:30 pm, I thought it was bad enough that it was always set on 75 but boy was I wrong, because completely off is way  worse.

Good... thank goodness there is a good in this, we have 2 fans. One that was left over from the past tenant and one W found in the garage. Also, my bro-in-law is a handy man, so he knew what it was and was able to tell us what to do, if we had not known we would have been clueless and hot, well we'd rather just be hot, not clueless too. We are hoping to have this problem taken care of by the weekend... if not, good thing we are dog sitting at a home that has a/c that works, and if not, I'm going to find a pool, wouldn't hurt to get a tan anyway.

Also, the good is knowing that I have a brother so concerned about W & I and our lives through this heat issue... haha

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