Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Weekend time was really good to me! W & I hung out with Sam & Pnut on Friday night, with every intention to hang out Saturday and have a pool day. Saturday came around and while W was oncall working the day away, I stayed busy doing little things around the house. It's funny how the house stays cleaner when the man is away. (funny meaning not at all shocking to me)

We took a little break from busy crap and went to the Junk Hippie Show at the fairgrounds. Unfortunately, we got there at 5:15, 45 minutes until the show ended so a lot of the little booths were packing up their stuff. But I did come out pretty great. I got lot's of handmade jewelry (mostly earrings) a few headbands and W bought me a little summer clutch purse. Basically most of the stuff sold at the show was either handmade or vintage, think Etsy but in real life. Pretty great right?

We got home and W made dinner, that's usually how we work, I make dinner during the week and W is responsible for dinner on the weekends. Whether that be a date or just cooking it for us. We had dinner on the patio and decided we needed some flowers to go in a vase. We went to Home Depot around 9pm.... an hour and $300 later we had decided we were going to put a fountain in the back yard. We are happy with the new addition and the pictures below really don't do justice of the feel of it at night while hanging out on the patio.

That evening we loaded up and went over to Ed & Laurie's house for a little friend get together they were having. Ed is like my big brother so it's always nice to hang out with those guys. We left a little early and Jack stayed the night with us. He stayed up and talked with us until 3:30 in the morning. Once he went to bed, we had a few cocktails until the wee hours of the morning. We ended the night with ramen noodles!

Handmade little yellow flower earrings, this girl also made magnets that I had to have too :)

Cute new clutch

You can't tell but this was one heavy basket full of brick and fountain making materials!

Fountain of life... ?!?
Me & two of my brothers!

Jack being silly!

Cheers :)

Sun trying to sneak up on me & W

Sunday, we got up and took Jack to church and then we did more "stuff" around the house. It's funny I never know what "stuff" we do that keeps me so busy throughout my day, but clearly it's important.
W had to work some more so I met up with Keith, Amy & all the rest of of my friends at Dan McGuiness. Keith & Amy were in from Lubbock so it's always nice to hang out and have fun with them. We all had a good time and ended the night with heart to heart talks and said our goodbyes Monday afternoon!

Look at this pretty little guy that bloomed up over the weekend in the front garden!

At Dan's

Happy 3rd of July, hopefully every one will have a fun & safe 4th celebrating Independence Day!

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