Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Workin' on the fitness

I've been doing a couple of bootcamps lately and I've been trying to be a little more active. Basically so that I can look like that lady I babysit for :). She has had a boot camp I've gone to in the past and I plan on signing up for another one soon. Speaking offfff..... I baby sit for Katy Wells. She is one tough cookie. Seriously though, if I could think of a body I want for myself it's hers! - hopefully that didn't sound super creepy. haha. I just like the amount of muscle tone she has! I like that she not just another skinny girl who doesn't eat and looks too skinny, but that she's a healthy thin and toned! I also like that her muscle tone isn't all "let's go spray tan ourselves orange and flex in front of judges".

Anyway, she had an article in Boyd Street Magazine, she has a facebook page, and you can read here for a few tips from her on how to get that toned look! Katy, so happy to see you are living out your dream and doing big things when it comes to being a personal trainer!

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