Thursday, August 2, 2012

A man's bestfriend

They always say a man's best friend is a dog. I don't know if you know many guys with dogs, but I'm telling you it's so true. This morning W got sad news and called to tell me that Pedro, W's dog growing up, got the C word (cancer) and they had to put him to sleep.

While most people who met Pedro were scared shitless of the wolf dog, he was sweet. Although he chased two guys on top of trucks back in the day, I promise you he really was a sweet dog. He was actually very intimidated by women. But over the past 4 years he has warmed up to me. He let me pet him, didn't bark when I pulled up in the Fernandez drive and let me and W take him on walks to the beach.

It's a sad day to lose a good dog. Love you little (big) paaaage :(

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