Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baby Sutton

What a great day it was yesterday! Two of my good friends had their baby. Sutton Faye Kuykendall was born weighing 7lbs and 9.1 oz, 19.5 inches long. And she is SO beautiful. She has a head full of dark brown hair and a face that resembles her daddy, but I think she has her mom's nose. She was just sleepin' when I was there, so I haven't seen her open them eyes yet. She is a little indian baby. I just love her. I really go soft when it comes to babies, to watch a family become a family is just an amazing experience. I feel like KC and I have become more close just through her pregnancy. Recently, we would catch up over lunches after her doctors appointments and she would tell me all about what the doctors said. I think we had all been itchin' for Sutton to get here.

But of course this wouldn't be a typical jeri kaye story if i didn't tell you how good  of a friend i have been lol, i use the word good loosely. Of course, I've been checking in with KC occasionally throughout the week (ok more than that, more like day and night at random hours) to see how she's been feeling and if she thought Sutton would be here soon. I've been googling things to help her go in labor and then texting her in demand to do all of those things.

Well, yesterday I was running late for work (shocker) and left my phone on the kitchen counter... damn it. So I'm driving to work and thinking "oh I can live without my phone, I'll just email people if I need to get in touch", yeah well that all changed around 9 o'clock when I woke up and realized I FORGOT MY PHONE AT HOME, oh crap! I need to get in touch with KC. So I facebook messaged her and Chad wrote me and said yes, we are at the hospital, actually he said "shit is going down, we're here." Then he called me on my work phone, thank goodness he knows me and knew I would have to know these types of things. I could hear the nervousness in his voice, he was definitely not liking that his wife was feeling pain, but I could also hear his excitement too, he was ready to meet his daughter. Talk about excited mode, I was soooooo anxious.

At lunch time, I took daddy, Aunt Tosha and pops (Perry- Chad's dad) some grub. I also went and got my phone and saw that I had missed numerous text messages. No baby yet, and mom was in a lot of pain so she was with the doctors. Lots of text message updates later, we had a baby girl. Let me tell you, your day goes by SO slow when you need to do something important. I told my boss at 5:15 that I just needed to go, so I rushed around got mom some Taco Bell and Daddy a rockstar (little does he know, he'll probably need an iv drip of that stuff for the next few weeks) and I got to hold that little babes. She is so sweet!

I went by on my lunch break this afternoon, where I held her for the entire hour and my arm went completely numb, it was all so worth it, she is just so gorgeous! They are so lucky to have such a beautiful and healthy baby, and she is so lucky to have parents who are going to love her SO much for the rest of her life!

I'm just so excited to watch KC & Chad raise baby Sutton and spoil her and give her back to them ;)

This is the sweetest picture EVERY. so in love with this family, looks like mom and dad are pretty in love with this little one too :)

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