Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bicycle Trails, Family Lunch, Blowouts and Birthdays!

You know you had a good weekend when you have a blowout driving and the good still outweighs the bad. First off, my blowout wasn't terrible or scary at all, the only scary thing about it was it was a very loud pop and I thought someone shot at me and missed.haha, but SERIOUSLY, I was all " who just shot at us?!?!"  Honestly, I think the reason I wasn't really worried is because I was lost so I was driving probably 20 mph (actually probably closer to 15, because I drive like a granny anyways..hey, I'm NEVER in a hurry). Also, I think it helps that I know how to change a tire, I know I could get a new one ordered on Monday, I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, but most of all I wasn't alone in the situation. I know that it would have been tough to change a tire in the dark and in a place I wasn't familiar with. Good thing I had my knight in shining armour to do all the dirty work, literally... I had a really cute blouse on and it would have been dirty in no time, I mean I'm pretty sure I already had deodorant stains... dang that fancy/cute material.

Now, lets focus on the good and positive things that happened over the weekend. Friday, we went to dinner and laid low, I think we started watching Ocean's Eleven. (one of my top 15 movies by the way) I tried to finish my book about Mick Jagger. People, I zoomed through the first 300 pages quickly, but the last 50 are taking me FOREVER. I've decided (which I already knew) that I like Keith Richards a hell of a lot better than Mick Jagger. Read both of their books, you'll probably realize why in the first chapter, regardless, the guy is interesting and talented (and a man hoochie) and I have enjoyed the book.

Saturday morning, we were up bright and early to take advantage of the cooler Oklahoma temperatures. We loaded up the bikes (W's bike being an awesome one, and mine being a handmedown) and we made our way to Sulphur to the Chickasaw National Park to ride some bike trails. I'm finally feeling a little more comfortable on the bike, thank goodness! It's definitely scary though, I know why it's required some places to wear helmets, even if you can't pull off the helmet look, believe me HELMETS SAVE LIVES...  Anyway, it's not just riding a bicycle down the road lollygaggin' friends, this is intense shhhh, I mean you are working your quads off trying to reach the top of a hill but also trying to make sure you keep your feet on the pedals because if your foot slips, so will you. Once you get up the hill, you have to come back down, and that's great and all IF YOU HAVE GOOD BRAKES.... I'm lacking that last important  detail, eek!

After our 2 hour bike ride (sorry, that's just crazy to me, I don't think I've ever exercised that much all at one time except for the marathon I ran in a very  long time) we went to my pawpaw Harber's house to go meet him for chinese food. My cousin Shellie came over and we waited on  Buzz & Chandra, Betty and Brentli , I was starving... lol. But I was so glad they got to meet up with us too. We grubbed out and visited, it was nice to see my family, I love them.

BK suckin' that thumb!

Then we went for a swim at Little Niagra. Correction, what I meant to say was that we jumped off of the waterfall and then froze to death and got out of there quick, how did I use to swim in that cold water like it was nothin?!?  We stopped by the Rusty Nail on our way out and got some of my favorite wine, it's a summer wine, it's a pomegranate red wine that is so good served chilled. Let's just say I stalked up and maybe  drank two bottles that night, talk about acting loopy.

We jumped off those babies.

We got back and showered up so that we could go to Eric's bday dinner. On the way there was when I had the blow out, meh, but W was really fast at getting down to business and changing my tire, thank you boyfriend. We had wine and shared an appetizer, I wish I would have been more hungry because the food looked so good. And I love watchin' those ninja chefs do the same tricks such as the onion volcano, I don't even currr. W wondered why I was rushing so much for someone who wasn't hungry, well, now ya know, I like watching the chef do their thang.  We went to the Sip after dinner and celebrated. Eric, Michelle and another guy (dang it, I can't remember his name, but he looks like Ryan Reynolds and he's so nice, i hate when I can't remember names, I'm the worst) all came back to the house and we stayed up way too late.

Birthday boy and my boy cranking that soldier creek... backwards (nerds)

Sunday, we just relaxed, it was SO nice. We aren't the relaxing type, we go all of the time, well maybe it's more W than me, but sometimes he bribes me into going all the time, or maybe it's just I feel peer pressured when he is doing stuff all the time, I feel like I should be making myself more useful hmmmm. But Sunday, he relaxed with me and it was so nice, we napped, watched tv, read and then went to dinner. (at Braums, hey, I love that place, so don't hate, I bet you miss it up there in Chicago) I was so rested by Monday that I've been right on top of all of my work already this week :)

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