Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kiss the cook, don't kill the company

As I have posted too many times before little dinners I fancy, I don't feel the need to say I love cooking, but this post won't be about how I love to cook, it's more about how I love to cook even if it's bad meat that we don't eat....

On the weekends we like to eat out. There is just something about getting out of routine of cooking and going on a little breakfast, lunch or dinner date that we really enjoy. And by we, I mean ME.

Anyway, I like to marinade all my chicken and fish the evening before we eat it, sometimes two nights before. With that said, we opted to save the meat a couple of days longer because what/who would it hurt?!?!...

As I cooked the chicken last night, it was starting to smell quite tasty. (Poor W, I pretty much cook him the same meal every Monday, but I just can't break the habit) .. So I'm cooking, cleaning, totally doing all of my domesticated girl friend duties and minding my own business. But then as I sit down while the chicken is cooling off I think to myself, "we can't reeeeally  eat that chicken, it's been sitting in the refrigerator way too long". Move onto after I've googled salmonella and proper food storage for raw meats and follow me into my kitchen to tell W not to eat the chicken because we might DIIIIIIE. He slow motionally chomps on the chicken and throws the rest away in the trash.

Luckily, he didn't die, but unfortunately I wasted our dinner.

Domestication failure dun dun dunnnnn meh, who cares since I didn't kill anyone right?!?!

*I'm sorry I don't have really super fun things to blog about right now, but as I mentioned earlier, I lead a pretty routine life these days, nothing too crazy!

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