Monday, August 20, 2012

Thank goodness for good friends and some much needed RAIN

Fridays I usually try to come home and go into ultimate chill mode. My phone is turned to silent, my television is turned off, I go to my back porch, I open a bottle of wine and sit with a book or magazine in hand. I try to enjoy nothing for a couple of hours. No hustle and bustle, no phone calls, I just listen to the wind blow through the trees, the wine pour into my wine glass and my own thoughts thinking about what I'm reading.  But then... a handsome brown boy comes out to make as much noise as possible. And then I realize, my "me" time is up. It's time to start planning what our evening will consist of. This Friday night, we invited people over for cocktails, laughing and hanging out. We had a fun group and I played hostess... and made my version of lemon drops. I get good bartending points according to my friends.

Although the pink lemonade lemon drops were yummy, I got called out on my super big lemon slices!

A few of my Ahtone boys... Yes that's Hank, not Biebs.

Saturday, it poured down all day. It was so nice. We needed rain so bad here. I didn't mention this, but about a week ago, the little boy who we like to call "the zombie killer" who plays in the neighborhood, mentioned to me that he wasn't too  thrilled about starting school because he hadn't even had any school supplies for the next (first) day of school. It pretty much broke my heart, he is a little stinker, but we just love him. I shared this news with W, my brother and a few other people.
Saturday morning, he was out scootering up and down our street, we stopped him and gave him the bag of school supplies that was donated. He was so happy! So happy in fact, he started showing off on his scooter and because his backpack was too heavy from all the goodies, fell to the ground rather quickly. He stuck around and talked to me and W for a little bit before the rain started coming down again. We didn't do much the remainder of the day, we just got some Qdoba and came home. Later Saturday night, we got pizza and watched the Dog Whisperer until we both fell asleep on the couch.

The happy Zombie Killer

Love a good summer rain and my yellow rainboots!

Sunday we were up early. We met Eric for breakfast and then caught up with he & Michele at the pool! We got tanned burnt to a red crisp! We had dinner and got in bed early.

Hello red people :)

We are excited about going to see Bobby & Alana in St. Louis! I'm also just excited to be taking off of work for the first time all year, I'm sure it will be hectic at the office, but I'm only a phonecall away!!

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