Friday, September 28, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

1. My first memory is from a birthday party that my sister had. She didn't really like me being the follow around my older sister type, so she made me invite a friend over, which was my bestie, Preston Self, well I kissed him underneath an umbrella, I remember her mad, her friends loving it, and me not caring... sorry Cha :(.

2. My first love was   a cheater... dang my luck 'cause that first heart break hurt so bad  .

3. My very first favorite color was    green. I've always loved it.

4. The first time I really felt like a "grown-up" was when     I started paying bills. YUCK!

5. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is  peak through my eyelids after praying the time will somehow rewind so that I can have 2 more hours, but then I realize that I can't sleep more and then I try to avoid talking for the next 30 min. in that 30 minutes I get a ton of questions and "you're a grumpy grumpos" comments from the boyfriend. Sorry, I just have to be quiet in the mornings until I'm ready to talk and be lively. :)

6. The first CD (cassette tape, record, etc...) I ever bought was the cassette tape was Mariah Carey, and i STILL love her. My first cd was Puff Daddy and The Family!

7. My first car was  a 1999 nissan 350 sx. I liked it a lot, it got me around. The only thing that made me not like it was the fact that it didn't have cruise control. I don't know how people live without that feature.

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