Thursday, September 20, 2012

If it weren't an issue

If money weren't an issue....

what would I do for the people I love the most? What would I give to those I think are the most "deserving?"

Well, I'd buy my dad a home that had a golf course in the backyard. His very own golf course, with all the bells and whistles. A place he could go everyday, because I think if that man could go everyday he so would. A place he could get his kids together and teach us how to work on our form and hope that we someday can carry on the "golf legacy" of the Ahtone family.

For pawpaw Harber, I'd buy him plane ticket after plane ticket to take me to the places he's been and have him tell me all about those places. I'd have him tell me about World War II and The Battle of Bulge and I'd buy him whatever I could to show him that I appreciated him fighting for our country. I love that man.

I'd get Sam a new car. One that he really likes and enjoys.... maybe a motorcycle... I'd get him a nice home with a ridiculous patio because he happens to love those almost as much as I do and I'd also find him a girlfriend. Despite what he thinks "he knows he doesn't want", I really think a girlfriend would be a nice change of pace for him. Of course she would have to be awesome. I know she's out there, but she's hiding or he's just not interested in seeking her at the moment. I'd also buy him a karaoke machine so that he & Pnut could have it on hand anytime they felt the need to sing... which is ALL OF THE TIME

For Steve, I'd get him set up in a healthy environment where he didn't have to worry about the past and he could focus on the future and who and what is really important. A place with a nice view of the mountains, where he could look out and be in amazement of how beautiful his surroundings are and be thankful. A place that had a basketball court for Zach, a soundproof studio for Wes so he could record with his band and a room of all things Sadie ever thought she needed, which would probably be an iPhone, name brand clothes and her best friend Morgan.

Chandra, Buzz and Brentli would get a nice home in the country. Within walking distance there would be trails so that Buzz could set up his deer stands and teach B how to hunt. For Chandra, there would be a big space for her to entertain, she is a people lover, and by that I mean, she loves her people. A space where she could have all 32597309475 million of her closest friends (and yes she really has that many CLOSE friends) and their kiddos and they could just be around each other, where they would talk, watch big brother (wah wah) and laugh a LOT. I'd also buy Chandra a journal so that she could write in it, she is a great listener but something that she could write her thoughts and feelings in, I love her and I want to know her more and I think if she wrote it all down I'd be able to do that. For Brentli, I would get her anything she ever wanted and needed.... (wait I think I already try to do that) and that means ANYTHING. But she wouldn't be spoiled. We spoil her now but she has no clue, she is still the sweetest baby I have ever met... and I'm not just being partial. She is so happy and content, I love that about her.

For Hank and Jack, I'd pay for them both to go to college... "you're welcome" ... so nice right? But really, I think they are both smart and being well educated would get them the job and set them up with the resources they would need to have the career and money they want to have someday. Here's the good part boys, I'd set you up in nice apartments for you to make your ultimate bachelor pads and I would pay for your groceries so that you didn't have to live off of Ramen noodles.

For all of my good friends... and you all know who you are.. and duh some of my best friends are my family members :) I would purchase an oceanfront beach house in Malibu for us to vacation to. Where we could get away from this life full of work, our busy lives and enjoy watching the sun rise and set and laugh until it hurt.

In memory of my mother I would find a cure for cancer. I hope and pray that someday they will find the cure to that disease.

That's what I'd do if I were rich...

In means of money I'm pretty poor, but I'm rich in love with my friends & family, so what can I say? Life is good :)

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