Wednesday, September 5, 2012

You can find me in St. Louis...

There are so many great things to say about this trip. I feel like this post will take days. DAYS! First and foremost, C, sorry for the late night phone call pouring out my heart. KC, sorry for the text msg at 7:20 am interrupting Sutton's feeding, it's just... I knew you were up feeding and could answer my SUPER important question. ;)

Now on to the beginning of my short stories that are rated pg and I can share in this post....

Night 1 - Thursday night, I went straight home after work and took care of a couple of things that needed to be done, packing (random, not enough, articles of clothing) and meeting up with my brother before I got out of town. In the meantime, Travis Green made his way over to our place and we set up and talked about all types of great conversation. There are not many friends that you can just put it all out there and agree to disagree with, but he's one of them. I think sometimes we as people just nod our heads or change the subjects if we don't agree about stuff. However, Travis and I were on topics such as political views, religious beliefs and even death. It was deep friends. We stayed up way too long the entire night and drove to the airport at 5 in the morning. Once we were at the airport, we got coffee and were on the WORST plane ride in no time. I'm not just saying that, and believe me, I am one of those people who has had some of the worst experiences on planes. After almost passing out on the plane from some serious turbulence, rapid heartbeats and what seemed like no oxygen, oh and vomiting, while standing on the cement waiting on Alana to get to the airport never felt so good. - but seriously. We stopped at a little diner to get some breakfast. We all took a cat nap and then got up and headed downtown to our hotel.

Downtown hotel time quickly turned into appetizers and happy hour waiting time for Travis, John and Bobby to meet up. Once we saw them drive up, we were so excited and ready to catch up and hang out. That evening, we walked the streets downtown and found a lot of local places for food and drinks. We stumbled upon a place with a foosball tables, good music and friendly people. That is one thing about people from St. Louis, they are all really friendly. I feel like sometimes when traveling people from places other than Oklahoma aren't that nice all the time. We played lots of foosball and shuffle board. One of our friends accidentally took a sleeping pill (yes he is prescribed this pill) and fell asleep at the table... oops! We walked/carried him back to the hotel. Note to self: if I ever have insomnia, get some of those pills prescribed to me, seem to work like a charm! We walked back and witnessed a lady getting her hair did at 11:45 pm... odd. We left and hung out more with Travis and John and we went to a hooka bar, left quickly, then danced at another place to some remixed old school rap. We (W & I) stopped and got a St. Louis hot dog, which is a concoction of salsa, sausage and mustard, that tasted amazing.

First club special of the trip

W's first drink of the trip... nerd didn't realize he ordered a Non-alcoholic beer....i remember the first time I drank

Well hello Mr.


Saturday morning we woke up and looked for a local place to enjoy mimosas and poinsettias. We found just THE place for that. Along with lots of music and a great staff who accomodated us with free appetizers and shots. We spent a lot of our day there enjoying the company of family and good friends. We danced, we sang yelled at the top of our lungs great lyrics and I may have cried because I was lost in the moment of good company and was just flat out got emotionally happy from the champagne intake. W & I stayed longer than all of the others and stopped by another place on our way back to the hotel to enjoy some one on one company. While that sounds sweet, really it ended in me leaving to go to a close market and telling W I would return right back only to find that I had been left. This turned into the second  boyfriend search in St. Louis, not only did he lose himself that day, but also lost his credit card, that was really  fun. That night was spent getting a little nap in when the rain was pouring down. We woke up early in the morning (around 2 am) and were starving. We went to the well known Imo's pizza and enjoyed a big square of pizza with extra salt on the side, it didn't have enough flavor. After we ate pizza, we caught a cab and went to the East side of St. Louis - not something I would recommend to anyone by themself. It's a sketchy place for sure, but it was the only place that had 24 hour entertainment and we were all ready to enjoy eachothers company some more. We went to a place called pops. Live music, dancing, foosball, airhockey and even a corner side concession stand, drinks on the side of course. That night/morning was a lot of fun and crazy.

lots of dancing, singing and pointing going on here

Nelly wuz here... ha.

PDA only ok when not around everyone else


if there's a foosball table, these guys will find it

Crazy girls... but REALLY!

Realizing it's way too early and scary...

First for everything... early morning yet acting like it's only 11 pm...
Sunday we made our way to the arch and went on a Budweiser Anheuser Busch tour. It was touristy stuff day. The arch was cool, but not recommended to anyone claustrophobic in small spaces. With that said, the ride to the top was a little tricky for me. I made it up though! I hate being that girl who gets motion sickness, it makes me wonder how I was ever able to ride roller coasters back in the day.  The brewery tour was really neat, we learned some things and even got to try out samples. Before we knew it, it was time to board the plane, I downed some dramamine and we were back in Oklahoma in no time.

Excited babertz

These big boats looked like toy boats


Worn out and ready to be back in Oklahoma!

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