Wednesday, October 3, 2012

28 yr old boyfriend

Today is W's 28th birthday. So happy birthday Mr. He had to open his gift last night at 11:06, I'll remember that come May 29th :) ! I went with some motorcycle boots or riding boots... whatever you call them. I knew the boots were a success when he was prancing around in them at 11:30 in the boots and shorts (no shirt). I didn't laugh (out loud), but he sure is a funny 28 year old! Look at my fancy artwork that I wrapped his gift up in... and by fancy I mean something that resembles what a 7 yr old might do but it's clearly just a 27 year old girl with waaaay too much time on her hands!

Say it arteeeest!
The boots inside the box

The boyfriend on his "hog" (?!?) or whatever the F he calls it.
This weekend for W's bday we (a small group of us) are going to take the motorcycles to listen to live music and go camping! It's supposed to be cold so I know I'm going to freeze! 

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