Friday, October 26, 2012

Art & Birthday Gifts

Wednesday night, Paris and I had a big girl date night! We went to in the raw for sushi, wine and painting. So much fun, if you live around here you should totally check this thing out, go here  for more info. I only had one glass of wine, go me, I'm trying to cut back remember. Anyway, so we decided to try out the Sugar Skull painting. Paris didn't tell me she was good at this crap. - like way better than me. We had SO much fun, I really love that girl, I can tell her anything and she understands and laughs with me about everything. She tells me often she lives vicariously through me, it's funny because I'm not that exciting and I live vicariously through a couple of my younger girlfriends. Anyway we talked about EVERYTHING and we had so much fun!

The original... 

 JeriPicasso & Paris Vangogh

Mine is more of a joker face, her's is more of a skull and adult version... bitch ;)

She finally gave Kinzi her birthday gifts. Seriously, her daughter is soooooooo cute! She said that Kinzi was coloring with the melted crayons that had melted because her gift had set in my car trunk on Wednesday, oops, but so cute right? She sent me a few pictures and a little video where Kinzi say's thankyou Jeri Cake! I love my friends kiddos!

What can I say? I love spoiling my friends kids!
Little miss momma K!

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