Friday, October 26, 2012

Baby/Big Kid Sitting

... Probably one of my favorite things about Thursdays other than the fact that it's almost Friday is that I get to see one of the coolest kids in town, Luke Hamilton Wells. I often wonder if I was that cool when I was his age... and then I remember I wasn't. Last night I got a little treat though, right as I was getting off of work I got to meet my sister to pick up baby B. Little B is getting SO big, growin' too fast. Once we got to my house, I fed Brentli some chicken & stars concoction and some fuji apples, she wasn't too big on the chicken & stars, and neither was I , that crap stunk. She flirted with W & Travis until we went to pick up Luke. Luke is crazy, he was wearing shorts and a santa hat, you know just to stay warm. - By the way friends that aren't here in Oklahoma, it appears winter is here. It still amazes me after 110 degree summers it gets this cold. Lucky us ;), we are just like that Katy Perry song, you're hot than your cold, you're yes than you no... grrrreat I'll be singing that for the rest of the day - We went to McDonald's, Luke's favorite, I also don't understand how this child can eat so many chicken nuggets, I feel like he's eaten at least 9000 in the last 4 years that I've taken care of him. He needs to be in a chicken nugget eating contest, although it would require a ginormous amount of ketchup, no lie, he loves that stuff.  We road tripped back to the house where Luke told me his favorite song ever, coolest part about this 7 year old version of his story was that he knew who sang it, all the words, that it was on his favorite movie Caddy Shack and when the song came out. I'll say it again, he's way cooler than the 7 year old version of me. After McDonald's, we came back to my house and he set up the game Clue, I was giving BK (short for Brentli Kayte) a bottle - by the way she loves Luke - when Luke shoved Clue to the side as soon as he saw we had a foosball table. He made W play foosball table with him. BK or baby K as Luke called her all night just watched them play and was not having sleep time. But hey, when in Rome! On our way back to Luke's house he put the sleep time story app on my phone that we started last week and he made sure that I could hear what was going in the book, sweet boy. I love those kids and I would take care of them any day EVER.

Luke's Favorite Song

 Crazy boy

By the way, if your boyfriend has this picture in his office while you are playing foosball, it can raise a bunch of questions... I told him to take it down for this very reason as soon as he put it up. Brat!
 Lots of Luke mouthing W going on in this game.
Always kissin' her
Hi, I can set up on my own :)

She loves him, he loves her, i love them SO much!

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