Monday, October 8, 2012

Bikers, Booze and Faulty Blow up Mattresses

This weekend was a little intense... More so Saturday compared to Friday, but still. Lesson learned haha. Friday night was great, after work I went for a run and then came home to the smell of chili(made with ground white turkeymeat). and a housefull of family members. We all set on the back porch by a fire listening to tunes and eating our warm bowls of chili (thanks Sam). I was attempting to prepare myself for the weather we would be facing on our camping trip the next day... well not much can prepare you for that.

Saturday morning we were early to rise and then it was a rat race until we made it to our camp grounds for the evening. Once we got there we got the essentials  taken care of.. which was fire, air up the mattresses and get the tent set up. I tried to get some body warmth going by way of vodka intake. The vodka only aided in me becoming more aware of my surroundings and how I reeeeally didn't feel up for sleeping on the ground without a mattress that was not capable of holding air. The people were strange, the weather was cold and the music was not good... so W and I both agreed that will be the last of my bike rallying days. Don't get me wrong I'm all about camping (when it's not cold and awful). But my idea of camping is nice weather, doing something active such as running, hiking or bike riding and then the evenings are spent by a fire singing kumbaya or another song and maybe having a cocktail. Drinking all day was a terrible idea and having me sleep on a torn air matress that held zero air was just as bad. I'm not really cut out for the motorcycle lifestyle I'll be the first to admit but I think I get an A for effort. I think I'll just stick to riding motorcycles when it's not too far away and saying no to things I know aren't going to be something W & I can equally enjoy. The last bikers rally   I went to in Arkansas was a LOT of fun, but this one didn't compare or hold my interest. Which stinks but it was an experience...

 - Obviously, I'm the fun "safe" person of the group.. :)

Sunday I woke up but pretty much slept all day because I got little to no sleep on the ground the night before. But it was nice to be home. I got a surprise visit from Brentli and my sister and didn't want them to leave... but they did. W & I got sucked into a Lifetime movie (his fault by the way), it was the Carlina White Story and it was really good. I probably fell asleep at 9 and I wanted to stay in bed all day today... that didn't happen though! Happy Monday friends!

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