Tuesday, October 23, 2012

No to drinking, yes to responsibility

My weekend was a bit of a mess. Super fun with my best friends wedding and my other best friend in town which I'll touch on more of that later. I think where it started to get messy is when the alcoholic beverages were consumed. It's weird that I'm about to type what I'm about to type but I think I'm about to attempt the whole not drinking and start trying out being a little more responsible. Am I stopping completely? no.. I mean maybe if I like it better and all, but I am cutting back and going to try out not drinking in places other than the comfort of my home and around my people. I've realized when drinking recently in other locations or around new people I seem to become irresponsible and not myself. Not really loving that feeling. I'm beginning to not like my drunken self, I can't handle her, she get's on my nerves, I'm so over her ;) ... Anyway, so here's to no more cocktails unless I'm on vacation or at home or think I can stop after two, which sounds like that could be a lot of drinking still but dear readers have you heard of baby steps?!?! geeez.

Here's to being more responsible and less ridiculous. Because believe me, I've been a little ridiculous. Here's to being more involved in different things, like spending more time with the important people in my life and staying away from the other negative vibes out there in this world. Here's to cleaning up my act! Take one... we'll see how it goes!

Here are some photos of my cocktail episodes over the weekend... enjoy :)

Obviously still wearing makeup from the evening before...

Daydrinking leads to hairy faces...

Double club specials lead to this crazyiness plus some... 

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