Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Time

Such a nice relaxing weekend for me on the homefront. Sometimes it's just nice to regroup and get back to normalness(ish)... what is normal for me?!?! hmmm... anyway it was nice to not go so much! I still did the whole go-go-go lifestyle, but this weekend it was just more my pace.

On Friday night, I got to come home and I was hoping to go to a concert but things just didn't pan out to my needs... ha. I ended up going to purchase the rest of baby Baylin's gift for the shower I was going to on Saturday. I also indulged in some Cane's Chicken, and don't act like that isn't exciting, because to me, people, it IS exciting. After getting settled into the house, Brentli, sister, Daniel, Alicia, Charlie, Keith, Amie, Syd, Amy, Pnut and my brother all came over. We watched Mrs. Doubtfire and watched baby Brentli fight sleep and try to stay up with the grownups. Once she went to sleep, we all just kind of hung out and played ketchup. Once everyone was gone, my sister and I stayed up and talked until 2:30 in the morning. She's my favorite.

Saturday morning, me and Baby Brentli got a later start than expected. We got B in her gameday gear, aka cheerleading suit, and she was aaaaaadorable. We went to lunch and then eventually started truckin' it to Kingston for a baby shower. Krystal is a friend of mine since high school. She has a good heart, and she is silly, and I just get her sense of humor. She and her family were there for me at a really tough time in my life and I hold them all very close to my heart. So excited that she is having a baby boy and excited to meet him! It was fun hanging out and playing games with everyone at the shower. So nice to be around people from your younger years sometimes, just like old times.

Teachin' her about Da Bears!

My little cubby bear!

Boomer Sooner Baby
Diaper Cake that Myrna made, we were all shocked, if you knew her, you'd know why, love her!

A onesie I got for Baylin

I also got another Sophie teether, I think they are adorable and babies love em!

B and I made our way home and made it back in time for kickoff. Only to watch the Sooners lose and hear that Harden was no longer the Thunders best 6th man. Talk about bummer! Me & B got to bed as soon as the game was over.

Sunday morning, we all wanted to go to the pumpkin patch, yeah well, it was closed, darn it! So we settled for going to Old Paris. We walked around and then got a few things we needed like a bamboo plant, a baby dinosaur and some little hair accessories for Brentli. Once we left, we couldn't not go see a new little person. My sister's best friend since daycare and the girl that wouldn't let me play with her and Chandra growing up, had just welcomed her baby girl, Parker. Parker makes Brentli look like a giant baby and is such a sweet little babes. Very happy for the Oliver's and can't wait to see more and more of Parker in the future!

Little Mojito cowboy hat that was for sale at Old Paris, so cute and funny!
Sweet little Parker baby

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