Thursday, November 1, 2012


We had fun dressing up and getting photos of Brentli and her Halloween night! We decided to dress up and give out candy to the neighbor kids. Will was slow on the candy gettin' train, but once he made it home, the porch light was on and those little sugar seeking children were bangin' (or trying to ring the broken doorbell) at our door all evening. Well, not all evening, because W didn't quite get enough candy. But we got to see our favorite little neighbor boy and he was scary!!! We ran up to watch the Hudson's trivia champions win again and then we came home to watch scary movies and W fell asleep and I was too scared to watch them by myself!!! I don't like being spooked! Happy Halloweeny!!!

Zombie Killer by day, Zipper face by night

She's like..."finally it's over!" :)

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