Monday, November 12, 2012

My weekend was pretty fun! On Friday night, I fell asleep after we went to dinner with my nephew Jack and brother Sam. Going to sleep early on a Friday night real fun right? RIGHT, I was tired so shut it!

Saturday, I was trying to plan back and forth of when to trade cars with my sister... never happened. I'm trying to stick it out another week with the gas guzzler... remind me to never get an SUV that gulps gas... and especially not before I go on vacation... hello, that could be cocktail money. We woke up early and went on a bike ride, for starters, someone buy me a NICE bike, because I'm pretty sure the "huffy" isn't cutting it. While on one of the bike trails there was a sign posted stating that hitch hikers may be escaped inmates... talk about feeling safe.

I got a text message from KC inviting me to come see her and Chad. We all hung out with W's family and friends around campus corner. It had been almost a year since I've been out like that. Had a lot of fun though.

Sunday, we got up and had breakfast with both of our brothers. After breakfast, I think we just hung out at home while I anxiously waited for the Bears to play the Texans... yeah well let's just say I wasn't happy with the outcome of that game.

Pre Bears game

Post Bears game....

Today would have been my mom's birthday, and I miss her so much and wish I could just celebrate with her. Love that lady. Hoping that I can meet up with my pawpaw Harber for lunch, maybe get a little golden corral action going or something! Eat some bread pudding because it's my mom's favorite!

Hoping this entire week flies by because I'm ready to be on Hawaii time!

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